Cluster, Hub and Consortia Development

For the most of the European companies originating or operating in the Central and Eastern parts of the continent, it is extremely difficult to compete with enterprises from the West in winning larger subcontracting orders. The markets in countries such as Hungary or Romania are very small and the companies cannot work alone at the international stage.

One of the most proven and effective ways to compete is to form a successful partnership on national or international level. Such examples are the Clusters, Hubs and Export Consortiums and INVISE has the proficient knowledge and experience in developing such complex organizations from scratch.

We have an extensive network of over 1000 companies and company owners in various countries and industries. We know how to find you the right partner, to form a successful partnership and manage it in a sustainable way.


INVISE brings a complete solution, following these simple steps:


  • Setting up a Cluster, Hub or Export Consortia
  • Cluster/ Hub/ Consortia Strategy Development
  • Management
  • Internationalization

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