INVISE Business Hub

INVISE is an experienced project manager that could supplement your project in the region. We follow the highest international standards, using up-to-date tools and techniques in order to be able to speak with you in the same language.

Our goal is to provide you with a reliable Hub in the centre of the Balkans that could be your bridge to projects in the region. Our competitive advantage is that we know the economics and business practices and we are able to push a project to the successful end regardless the difficulties along the way.

Our team of experienced experts and consultants will support your project in South-East Europe. We are able to do that in English, German, Spanish, Turkish and Russian.

INVISE provides you with the following services in this field:

  • Experts outsourcing – Project based services of highly qualified senior experts with significant international experience. INVISE could be your subcontractor in the region that would help you have a competitive edge in order to implement your projects, especially within the donor programmes sector
  • Subsidiary establishment – INVISE offers a low-entry business model that creates a quick lift-off of any activity in the region
  • M&A Consulting – planning, research, negotiation and integration
  • Administrative services – legal, accounting, setting up a company, hiring staff, payroll, rent of office, opening of bank accounts


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