Start-up or expand your business and projects in Sofia – one of the world’s fastest growing outsourcing destinations. Regardless the field of your business, we are here to help you outsource the services you need.

In Project development and management, our strength is in the field of Experts outsourcing, where we can support your project implementation at different stages, offering our senior consultants and teams. INVISE experts support you in the areas of economics, management, marketing, R&D, technology, environment, society. Depending on your project, we will form an ad-hoc team that will correspond to the needs you have.

Establishing your services office or production facility, INVISE will provide you with the all-inclusive set of advices – real estate/ office, legal, accounting, HR, company registration, negotiation with public authorities and suppliers.

For M&A possibilities, INVISE will plan, research, negotiate, close the deal and further integrate your target of purchase. As a consulting company with an extensive knowledge of the SEE market, we have up to date database with potential companies.

We will also provide you with an executive summary on opportunities of receiving state or EU grants, the time frame and amount of receiving them – for each company that we put in our short list for M&A or when we register your own subsidiary. You benefit from the best tax laws in EU and support further your business with EU funds.

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